Derivatives of the planner component include the stock chart, timeline and railyard components

Planner Component

The planner datawindow component is useful for  any type of schedule related activity.  The planner component has been designed to be efficient in the use of screen space and the ease of mouse based data entry and manipulation.  This make it ideal for use on Windows based PDA devices using PocketBuilder.   Business uses of the planner datawindow component include the following...

  • Project Management
  • Asset Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Time Planning/Reporting
  • Work Management
  • Appointments

Planner Component

Four time intervals

Close up of planner showing overlapping tasks, deadline indicator, associated task label, and task drop down list.  Additional processes can be initiated from the drop down list. 

Pocket PC planner component

Planner Report

Some of the user defined parameters.

Time Intervals:

  • Day
  • Hour
  • 15 minute
  • 5 minute
Cell Colors:
  • Weekend
  • Holiday
  • Weekday
  • Weekday work time
  • Task colors and patterns

Viewable data:

  • Deadline or progress indicator on task
  • Dropdown list for task.
Hours: 1 to 24. Workday can extend over 2 days. (For instance a shift from 6pm to 3am)

Conflicts: Can overlap, be confirmed with message or be prevented.

View Actions: View and Edit View Actions:
  • Zoom
  • Background On/Off
  • Expand and collapse groups
  • Drop down menu detail
  • Row expandable to show additional data
  • View task detail
  • Virtual Scrolling

Edit Actions: View actions plus:

  • New
  • Copy Task
  • Move Task
  • Delete Task
  • Change length
  • Movable indicator

Information Rendered:

The task bar designates start and end date/times.  The bar has a user defined pattern and background color.  Each task may have an indicator within it to display progress or a deadline

Each task has an associated label that is hidden in normal viewing but can be viewed using a dropdown menu option.  This information can have an associated drop down list which can contain additional data or processing options.

Data rendered on the planner component can automatically be fed into an associated report.