The Appointment component uses a technique in which detail row based data is rendered over many rows, yet appears to be a single object.  This gives it the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally.

Appointment Component

The appointment datawindow component is useful for any type of schedule related activity.  The appointment component has been designed to be efficient in the use of screen space and the ease of mouse based data entry and manipulation.  It is similar to the planner component but presents the data in a vertical rather than a horizontal axis   Business uses of the planner datawindow component include the following...

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Dispatch Management
  • Facilities Management
  • Time Planning/Reporting
  • Work Management

Appointment Component showing various colors and overlapping appointments. Also shown are various columns widths which can be modified by the user with the mouse at runtime, as well as the small markers that indicate there is additional information associated with the appointment.

Availability for each column can be shown by color. Also expected task lengths as well as time blocking can be set up as well. In this case dark gray indicates not available. Alternating cells of white and light blue indicate the suggested length of task that can be applied. The light yellow with a description indicates that these periods are blocked and no appointments can be set.

Groups of appointments can be highlighted for any reason by modifying the border property. This screenshot also shows that the height of the cells can be modified programatically.

Selected appointments can then be sent to an Outlook calendar along with any associated data, in this case a meeting with Mrs. Jones.

Appointment Report

Some of the user defined parameters.


You may define as many columns as you like along with the start time and end time.  The width of columns are adjustable at runtime.  The height of cells can be set a start up.


Cell Colors:
  • Weekend
  • Holiday
  • Weekday
  • Availability by column
  • Expected task length
  • Block time interval
  • Appointment colors

Viewable data:

  • Detail indicator on an appointment.
  • Dropdown menu for appointment.
  • User defined property screen
  • Report of appointments
Hours: 1 to unlimited. You can have several days of appoinments on one appointment datawindow

  • Can overlap, be confirmed with message or be prevented.
  • Confirm or prevent appointments from existing over time intervals when the column is not available
  • Confirm or prevent appointments from existing that dont match the available time interval as shown by the cell color
  • Prevent appointments from being generated over blocked intervals

View and Edit Actions: View Actions:
  • Zoom
  • Drop down menu detail
  • View task detail
  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Adjust column width
  • Split screen view of the appointment object

Edit Actions: View actions plus:

  • New Appointment
  • Move Appointment
  • Delete Appointment
  • Select Appointment
  • Selected Appointments can be sent to your Outlook calendar
  • Confirmation or prevention of appointments over time intervals when the doctor is not available. Or when the interval of the task is not equally to the suggested availability interval. (eg. putting a 30 minute task over a interval that normally is available for 15 minute tasks)
  • Time inteval blocking that prevents tasks from being applied.

Information Rendered:

The appointment bar designates start and end date/times.  The bar has a user defined background color and description.  Each task may have an indicator within it to display details associated to it.

Each task has an associated label that is displayed on the appointment.  Additional information can be view using drop down menus.

Data rendered on the planner component can automatically be fed into an associated report.